The story behind the picture: portrait at Knip

I finally finished my photo course.

One of my assignments was to make a portrait. So I grabbed my camera, my tripod and my beautiful daughter in a stunning dress. For this shoot we went to Knip for its dramatic surroundings. Plantation Knip played an important role in the history of slavery on Curacao. Here the slave Tula led a revolt of many slaves, which was the beginning of the liberation struggle that led to the abolishment of slavery many decades later. Nowadays Knip is one of Curacao’s best maintained landhouses (plantation houses). In the surrounding kunuku, consisting of mainly cacti and dry bush, you can almost feel the history.

The picture that I sent in for my photo course was this one:

portrait at Knip in B&W 2015001 FVP

I choose for black & white because of the historical character.

portrait at Knip 2015003 FVP

My personal favorite is this one:

portrait at Knip 2015001FVP

At last some more colorful pixels. Enjoy.

portrait at Knip 2015002 FVP

portrait at Knip 2015004 FVP                  portrait at Knip 2015005 FVP