The story behind the picture: the plastic future

Getting more and more frustrated by the amount of trash in this beautiful island’s nature, I decided to take some pictures to hopefully shake up some people and convince them to stop dumping their waste where it doesn’t belong and even better, to start “reduce, reuse, recycle”. These pictures are taken

on Playa Charomba, near Boka Ascension on the north coast of Curacao. The idea was to take the pictures on the so-called Plastic Bay close by, but my humble Kia Picanto didn’t make it that far off-road. After driving around some more, we found another enormous heap of trash, in boka (the local word for water ‘mouth’) Ascension. The sad thing is, this is actually a huge sea turtle playground. Green and hawksbill turtles feed here and lay their eggs here.

Wading through the water waste-high, camera bag on the head, we reached a ‘beautiful’ pile of garbage to roll around in.  Thanks to my assisting daughter doing that for me.

The trash that ended up in this boka has traveled a long way, possibly over many big oceans. But we’re doing the same here on our beautiful island, there’s trash everywhere, in the mondi, on the road, on the beaches. Please, next time when you bring your plastic cups and plates to the beach, when you want to get rid of your old fridge, when your garbage bin is full, think about our children’s future.

plastic girl 2016002 FVP - Copy klein

More pictures of our plastic adventure can be found here.