The story behind the picture: the Iguana & the Hibiscus

January 2016… a new year and the creation of the Fraukje Vonk Photography website. It slowly, very slowly starts to form into something that looks like mine. There’s a long way to go, but it’s about time for the first blog post. But where to start?

February 2016… I post a picture of a green iguana (iguana iguana) eating a hibiscus in the Facebook group Nature Photography/Wildlife Photography. I’ve been a member of this group for a while and posted a few pictures before, but I always felt dwarfed by the ‘real’ photographers shooting tigers, elephants and the northern light. But now my “Iguana with hibiscus” is being liked liked liked and shared shared shared. The iguana decided, she will be the image for my first blog post!

The green iguana is very common in the rural part of Curacao where I live. They love to hang out in the ‘mondi’ (the dry bush) or on little stone walls in the sun. Lagun is one of my favorite places to spot them. I never knew they ate hibiscus, but since my former neighbor’s turtles would kill for a juicy red hibiscus, I gave it a try and sprinkled some of the red flowers close to where the iguana was hanging out. And *boom* there she is!

Here a few more pictures of the same model. Enjoy.

iguana with hibiscus, Curacao 2016002 FVP

iguana with hibiscus, Curacao 2016004 FVP

Watch the split tongue here:

iguana with hibiscus, Curacao 2016003 FVP

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